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On this page you will find items for sale. If you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me. You will find contact details on the Contact Us page.

Further items for sale will be added in due course.

For Sale due to having lost my Lock-up Storage (a Barn on a Farm) and therefore needing to down-size my Collection of Classic Speedway and Grasstrack Bikes, including Project Bikes. 


1988 Dula Framed GM ex Simon Wigg.

GM SP 500cc 4 Valve in Dula Frame.

This bike was originally owned by the late Simon Wigg (WIGGY) and was used during the 1988 and 1989 Seasons. It was his first GM engined bike following his departure from Godden machines. The engine was supplied by Trevor Hedge (ex Rider and GM Importer) as a kit for Eddie Bull (Engine Tuner) to build for Simon. The Frame was constructed by Paul Duncombe of Dula Engineering, where Simon worked in his early days of riding. The bike was assembled by his older brother Julian Wigg. Ridden to many successes including, Team success with Oxford and England and not forgetting individual success becoming the 1988 and 1989 British Champion, as well as finishing 6th in the 1988 Individual World Speedway Final in Vojens, Denmark , and 2nd in the 1989 Final in Munich, Germany.

The bike was then sold, as Wiggy renewed his stable of bikes on a regular basis, with it being aquired by Jeffery Brailsford for his son Kenny to ride. He rode the bike in 2 meetings, decided it was not for him and put it into storage, where it stayed until 2011 when it was advertised on eBay as a Buy It Now. I couldn't believe a WIGGY bike being available and decided to buy. I have not been disappointed.

However, it is now time to let someone else be the custodian of this piece of Speedway History. I have shown this bike on many occasions with great feedback.


£8,500.00 or very near offer.



1971 Rotrax JAP

Here we have a 1971 Rotrax JAP that I aquired for my collection. It had been exhibited in the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester for a number of years.

The bike has a history with Long Eaton 'Archers' (being their Track Spare). This Speedway Bike was discovered by Peter Collins MBE in a very sorry state and was restored by him during Autumn 2004. The bike was then sold and the new owner placed the bike on loan with the Museum. The bike's Rear Mudguard has been signed by Ove Fundin (5 times World Individual Speedway Champion).


£7,500.00 or very near offer.



FOR SALE - 1957 FIS Speedway Bike  (Polish copy of a Rotrax JAP)


1957 FIS Speedway Bike. Built in Poland and is a copy of the British Rotrax JAP Speedway Bike.


The FIS Speedway Bikes were manufactured in Poland from 1954 until the early 1960s. This example dates from 1957.


It is a great example of this very rare machine.


For more details please see my Gallery Page.


It is offered for sale at £10,000.00 or very near offer.




FOR SALE  - JAP 84S Engine - Engine No.  84S 76469 B


The Engine dates from 1976 and not many of these Engines were produced by the JAP Factory.

The Engine has been completely stripped, cleaned / Vapour Blasted, all parts checked and replaced with new as necessary and rebuilt. The Engine rebuild was carried out by the well known Engine Tuner, Eddie Bull.

A very rare opportunity to purchase a JAP 84S in ready to go condition.


It is offered for sale at £3,950.00.   Reduced to £3,750.00.

Note: Engine Stand Not included in Sale.



FOR SALE             SOLD     SOLD      SOLD      SOLD

1973 Jawa 500cc 2 Valve Speedway Engine (Model No. 890) - Engine No. 8099

This Jawa Speedway Engine has been lurking under my Workshop Bench for some time now. It deserves to be rebuilt and fitted in a Chassis again. This is your opportunity. It has matching Crankcase Halves with No. 663 stamped on both, plus the Timing Gear Cover is also stamped with No. 663. It comes fitted with a PAL Magneto with an external Coil.

This Engine has not been used for more than 20 years but still turns over. I would recommend that the Engine is stripped and checked internally before any attempt to run it.


£1,500.00 or very near offer.   SOLD     SOLD


1973 / 1974 Jawa 2 Valve Speedway Bike (Model 890). This bike is an older restoration which was done by Peter Collins MBE in 1994 (1976 World Individual Speedway Champion). It was purchased from Peter by a Collector and kept in a Private Collection. It has one or two blemishes from it's time in storage but that is represented in the asking price. Not been messed with and having all the right parts in place. No attempt has been made to start this bike. Would recommend a complete strip down of the engine prior to attempting to start this bike due to it being stood for the last 30 years or so. The engine does turn over.

A great project for someone with not a lot of effort required to bring it back to it's former glory.

The bike comes with a framed Letter of Authentification signed by Peter Collins MBE.


 Price:  £4,350.00 or very near offer.  REDUCED now £3,950.00

Jawa 889 Cylinder Head

Jawa 889 Cylinder Head.

Cam Clamp stamped TSR (Michael Lee) Totally Stoned Racing.

Used but looks in good condition.


£90.00 inc. UK Postage.

Jawa 897 Cylinder Head

Jawa 897 Cylinder Head.

Plain Head with Valve Guides and Cam / Rocker Clamps.

Used but looks in good condition.


£80.00 inc. UK Postage.

Weslake Rocker Cover.

Weslake Rocker Cover.

Had 'W' machined off the top, a common practice by some.

Needs Vapour Blast or Paint.


£40.00 inc. UK Postage.

JRM Rocker Cover.

JRM Rocker Cover.

Not sure of model this if for, possibly JRM 898.

Good condition.


£25.00 inc. UK Postage.

JRM 898 Timing Side Case inc. Outer Cover.

JRM 898 Timing Side Case inc. Outer Cover.

Case is inscribed with TSR (Michael Lee) Totally Stoned Racing.

Looks in good condition.


£80.00 inc. UK Postage.

Classic Speedway and Grasstrack Stickers

The following Stickers have mostly been digitally re-mastered using originals found on 1970s / 1980s Speedway and Grasstrack Bikes as templates. These have been done whilst carrying out restoration / refurbishment of bikes, to retain originality as near as possible.


Many of the Companies are no longer trading or no longer offer the period stickers. 


I am now offering these for sale to fellow Restorers and Collectors of Classic Speedway and Grasstrack / Longtrack Bikes.


Please note that the colours on the stickers are vivid, as the originals, the quality of my photographs, does not show this.


Postage to UK addresses is £1.30.


Postage Worldwide available on request.


Please Note  -  I now have a great deal more Stickers that I haven't got around to listing here. If you are after anything in particular, please contact me, I may have it in my stock.


Hagon Fuel Tank Tops - Push-on Rubber

Hagon Fuel Tank Tops now available. I have had a Mould engineered to replicate the original Tops (with permission from Hagon). They fit the 2" Diameter Fuel Tank Neck. They are push-on type from the original Grasstrack Bikes.

Stock Available


£28.50 each plus £3.40 Postage (UK)   Worldwide Postage by Enquiry.


Currently Out of Stock


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