Testimonials from Customers

1986 JAWA 897 ex Peter Collins MBE - Restored by me during November 2013 to July 2014.

This bike was Peter's last Speedway Bike which he rode at Belle Vue when he retired at the end of the 1986 Season.

Owned by Ashley Sudderick


Ashley commented:-

"It looks mint does the bike and cheers for building it for me"

"I don't think the pics do the bike justice pal after iv had a proper look over it tonight"

"Looked at it when you left Dave every nut and bolt is new it needs to be seen proper to see the work you have done"

                                                         "Still chuffed with the bike Dave everyone knows what those bikes ment to my Dad"

An Elstar JAP Speedway Bike dating from late 1960s / early 1970s. The JAP 4 B engine dates from 1951. A full restoration was undertaken on this Speedway Bike resulting in a fantastic looking machine.

Owned by Ashley Sudderick


Ashley didn't see this restoration until it was finally completed. Due to various reasons it took quite a while to complete. He was desperate to see it and was taken aback with it when he did see it. 

Ashley commented:-

Absolutely fantastic, it's Mint.

Looks great in my Lounge. All my Mates loved it, very chuffed with it.

1977 Jawa framed Weslake Speedway Bike - A Tribute to Ellesmere Port Gunners Speedway.

I built this bike to add to my collection as a tribute to the Ellesmere Port Gunners, who I supported back in the day. It was one that got part done then parked. I recently completed it but it didn't stay long in my Collection. It was bought by Andy from Norwich.


Andy commented:-

Bike looks great, very happy with it, want to keep it in house, wife says no, thanks again for all the hard work Dave.

Think I will have to buy a Jawa next, will keep looking at your website Dave.

1976 / 1977 Jawa Framed Weslake ex Steve Hartley - Restored by me during September 2014 to January 2015.

This bike was built originally by Steve for the 1977 Season but due to injury and forced retirement the bike was sold. I discovered the bike for sale in Kent in early 2014 and bought it and restored it to it's former glory.


Steve commented:-

"It looks absolutely fantastic, what a great job you have done on it"

"You have even found an original BSPA Silencer, wow"

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