Restoration Service

This page details what I do and the type of service I can offer Customers wanting a restoration carrying out on their Upright Speedway or Grasstrack Bike / Bikes. I have done several restorations now with some excellent Testimonials from satisfied Customers, including my own Show winning 1972 JAWA and 1984 Weslake Speedway Bikes.


I can offer the service of restoring your bike back to it's original condition or how you want it to look.


I can use your bike as a donor for building you a replica of a particular rider's bike, similar to my 1984 Peter Collins Replica for example. Obviously I can't turn a JAWA into a Weslake but let's discuss what you want, still maybe able to help.


I can source a bike for a donor for you and build a bike to your requirements. Sourcing of bikes does take time.


Or I could source parts to build a bike to your requirements. This takes time to come together.


What I can gaurantee is attention to detail, researching the specifications, ensuring quality and overall engineering integrity. All things that had to be right when I worked in the Nuclear Industry.


If you would like to discuss a possible restoration, please do not hesitate to contact me using the details on the Contact Us page.

Below are some before and after photographs to highlight the quality of work I do.

I can also offer a Collection and Delivery service within the UK. Using a specially equipped vehicle, your restoration project can now be safely transported, whilst providing you with the unquestionable convenience this transportation service offers.

1972 Jawa 2 Valve Speedway Bike - ex Peter Collins MBE

Restored by me in 2011

1984 Jawa framed Weslake

Peter Collins MBE Replica

Built by me from parts, wasn't a bike to start with, in 2011

1962 ESO 2 Valve Speedway Bike Model DT-6

Restored by me in 2013

1986 Jawa 897 4 Valve - ex Peter Collins MBE his last Speedway Bike when he retired in 1986

Restored by me in 2014 for a Customer

1976/77 Weslake Speedway Bike ex Steve Hartley

Restored by me in 2014 / 2015 for Steve Hartley

1977 Jawa framed Weslake

A tribute to the Ellesmere Port 'Gunners' Speedway Team

Restored by me in 2016 / 2017

Late 1960s Elstar JAP

Restored by me in 2016 / 2017

1970 Jawa 2 Valve Model 890

Belle Vue Aces Track Spare (1970 - 1974)

Restored by me during 2017

1966 ESO Speedway Bike

Restored by me during 2018

1967 ESO Speedway Bike

Restored by me during 2019

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